Home Selling Tip - How to Stage Your Home

A Realtor can offer you many suggestions to prepare your home so it looks its best when being shown to a buyer. Check to make sure you’ve done everything you can, inside and out, to make your home as attractive as possible in the eyes of the buyer. First impressions last. Homes that look their best tend to sell faster and command every dollar they’re worth. Use this checklist when preparing and showing your home for sale.

  • A fresh coat of paint for home, garage, even fences - this may be the one improvement that creates the most positive first impression. Painting the inside walls can pay dividends far beyond the time effort and expense involved. Make sure you stick with neutral colors.

  • Mow lawn, trim hedges and weed garden - keep yard clear of debris

  • Clean out gutters and downspout

  • Tidy front entrance - polish doorknob and kickplate, paint worn trim, wipe door, clean glass and sidelight, replace worn screen, keep foyer clear of shoes, etc., put out new doormat.

  • Wash screens and storm windows.

  • Tend to little things - oil squeaky doors, tighten loose cabinet knobs, take out removable stains, have carpet cleaned, etc.

  • Make sure windows and doors open easily. Pay special attention to sliding glass doors.

  • The kitchen is one place in the home that buyers look closely. Tighten leaky faucets, wipe down everything (counters, floors, cabinets, appliances), clean refrigerator and range. Kitchen countertops should be clear of everything except what you use daily.

  • The bathroom gets close scrutiny, too. Keep it spotless. Scrub shower and bath and toilet, polish faucets, put medicine and toiletries away, keep laundry items in closed hamper.

  • Look at each room with "less is best" as your objective. Remove unneeded furniture to make each room appear more spacious.

  • Clear out accumulated items from closets, basement, cabinets, under counters and garage. Consider holding a garage sale prior to showing your home.

  • Make home as light, airy and open as possible. Draw back drapes, turn on a few extra lights.

  • Soft background music can contribute to a relaxed mood; keep it low.

  • Keep pets out of the way.

Enlist the help of all household members to get the house ready - and keep it ready - for prospective buyers. A few minutes spent tidying up in the morning can make all the difference for a showing in the afternoon.


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