School District 194

Independent School District 194 is an award winning school system located in the South Metro of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota. The state and nationally recognized school district covers 86 square miles and serves approximately 11,200 students in Dakota and Scott County. One of the fastest growing school districts in Minnesota, the district includes most of Lakeville, parts of Burnsville and Elko New Market, and portions of Eureka, Credit River and New Market Townships.

The district includes nine elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, an area learning center and two community education facilities. The district offers one of the best teaching staffs in the state with approximately 66% of Lakevilleís teachers having earned their masterís degree.

ISD 194 has an excellent academic program with the average ACT score of 22.9 for its students and the average SAT score of 659 for the verbal portion and 644 for the math portion. With 99% of its students graduating from high school and 91% continuing their education in college, ISD 194 is considered one of the best public school districts in the state.



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