Friday, September 09, 2011

"Free" Down Payment Assistance

Starting this weekend on the Minnesota Real Estate Show, we will be offering something new --- a "Free" down payment assistance and all you have to do is fill out the on-line worksheet.
Also, brand spanking new to our radio show listeners (drum roll please), a $500 discount on closing costs for any new radio caller in the month of Septemeber!  Yes, you heard me right, a free $500 discount on closing costs!  Carrie Guarrero and her wonderful team at Cornerstone Mortgage will be offering you this unheard of special.  I am starting to feel like an infomercial! 
If anyone you or anyone you know is looking to take advantage of this offer please call the radio show tomorrow, Saturday between the hours of 11 am - 12 pm at the following number 1-800-396-0406. 
I would also like to send a huge congratulations to our dear friend and co-host of the radio show to Ryan O'Neill and the Minnesota Real Estate Team, that was just recognized the by Wall Street Journal as the top real estate team in the United States.  Congrats to you all on such a huge accomplishment! 
So be sure tell all of your friends and family to listen AM 1130, The Minnesota Real Estate Show for FREE!  FREE!  FREE! money.

Jennifer Thompson



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