Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Is it just me or are you sick of the construction on Cedar and County road 46?  We are down to one lane on the west bound lanes of 46 which makes for a brutal wait time at the light.  I, unlike my husband, am smart enough to think ahead of time and take a different route.  Anything to avoid waiting 30 minutes at a light.  I am not sure what they are doing either on the north bound and south bound lanes.  They actually removed a signal light that was the longest red light on the planet.  So kuddos to MNDOT for that! 
I am also starting to feel like everywhere I go there is construction going on.  I was headed to Saint Paul the other and thankfully decided to go through Minneapolis due to 35E being closed from 494 to downtown.  Holy cow was I smart to do that!  I heard that the traffic was horrific!!! 
Also, in St. Paul I was going to show a property but almost could not get to it due to all of the road closures.  Almost every suburban street in the Highland/MacGroveland area is closed due to construction.  What do homeowners do?  Where are their guests supposed to park?  Seriously people!!!!
Now MNDOT seems to be doing something to 35W, north and south bound in Burnsville/Bloomington area.  I can't tell what but all I know it has caused many a headaches.  I have often wondered, why not just build the maximum size highway/freeway possible right in the beginning.  Dare to dream big!  Go all out!  Live large MNDOT! 
Now I feel better, thanks for listening....

Jennifer Thompson



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