Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school!

I don't know about you but I love when the kids go back to school.  There is no greater pleasure for me than seeing my kids walk those happy little feet down to their bus stop.  I will have almost 6 hours of peace and quiet, time to work without interruption, errands to run, no extra mouths to feed or to clean up after!  Ahhhh, 6 whole hours. 
Our open house and orientation is this week and my kids are super pumped.  This year should be a little different than last year.  We had one elementary school in our district (district 194) close due to budget cuts, so that will mean more kids in the other elementary schools.  I know that Oak Hills Elementary will be at maximum capacity as it will be handeling the Ignite Program as well as new students from area schools.  Also the middle schools will no longer be having seperate teams which means the kids could have classes that are spread out throughtout the entire school.  I will be interested to see if it will even be a big change to the students, I am guessing that it won't be. 
How many of you feel like you need to go back to school just to help with your kids homework?  I know I do.  My son is a seventh grader at Century Middle School and it has been rumored that 7th grade is one of hardest years.  Thankfully our oldest is a sophmore at Lakeville South and seems to be the best "teacher" in the family, I swear she has a photographic memory!
Good luck to a great school year and enjoy your peace and quiet.  Cheers!

Jennifer Thompson



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